Request Inspection

1.Download approriate forms below and view/read. 

Request Building Inspection Form Request Building Inspection Form (22 KB)

Building Inspection Client Consent Form Building Inspection Client Consent Form (16 KB)

Building Inspection Agreement Building Inspection Agreement (104 KB)

Timber Pest Inspection Agreement Timber Pest Inspection Agreement (39 KB)

2.Print and complete the appropriate forms and Email/Fax.                                  PHONE: 1300 766 650  FAX: 1300 766 690                   Please contact our office if you have any questions.
3. Complete online order form/consent below.
Online Order and Client Consent:  * Required field
I / We have read and agree to the terms and scope of the inspection and report identified within the Building and/or Pest Inspection Agreement in this document and instruct "ybi" to proceed with organising a Building and/or Pest inspection and respective report at the address identified below. *

Building Insepction Only (AS 4349.0 and AS 4349.1-2007)
Building & Pest Inspection Combined (AS 4349.3-2010)

House & Granny flat
House & Rural Large shed etc
Unit/ duplex
Multi dwellings
Building only Pre-Purch/ Pre-Sale
Build & Pest Combined
Re-inspect Part Building
Re-issue Recent Report
Progress/ Handover Construction
Special Purpose (Dilapidation, Defects
    & Maintenance)

Invoice & Report direct to Conveyancer / Solicitor (pre approved arrangement with 'ybi' only)
Invoice & Report direct to Client

3 days (URGENT)
5 days (PRIORITY)
7 days (ASAP)

Please note: Inspection and report timeframes are pending access to the property and taken from the date YBI receives this request form. Please use this as a guide and contact our office if you require further details.


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