Client Agreement

Dear Client, 

The Australian Standard that governs Inspections, strongly recommends that to protect both you (the Client and/or your nominated party acting on your behalf) and the Inspector from any misunderstanding, that an Inspection Agreement be made available for viewing, prior to the Inspection. An Inspector will inspect and report on your nominated property in accordance with AS4349.0-2007 and/or AS4349.1-2007 for the building report and AS4349.3-2010 for the pest report. Please be aware that a Building Report is NOT a Timber Pest Report, Electrical Report, Plumbing Report, Pool Report, Cost Estimate Report, Compliance Certificate or a Guarantee against future problems from developing.  The purpose of the inspection is to provide advice to you (the client and/or your nominated party acting on your behalf), regarding the condition of the property at the date and time of inspection. Areas for the visual, non-invasive inspection shall cover all safe and accessible areas and include the Roof, Roof Void, Sub-Floor Void, Interior, Exterior and the Site within 30 metres and within the boundaries of the main building to be inspected. Your responsibility is to pay for the service that your Inspector provides. In addition we strongly recommend that upon receipt of your report, that you read carefully and heed all recommendations made by the Inspector. We also recommend you call the Inspector to clarify anything that you do not understand. 

To proceed please read/view the appropriate Inspection Agreements below and either: 

1. Respond via website: - go to the "Request Inspection" tab on our website and complete the online form. 

2. Respond via post: P.O. Box 144 Jesmond NSW 2289 - by downloading and completing the "Client Consent form" below then return post to us.

NOTE: If you have any special requests or changes to the agreements that have not been discussed at time of booking, or not included on any written correspondence , then please notify our office immediately. 

      NOTE: If You (the Client and/or your nominated party acting on your behalf) fail to respond to the  
     agreements and / or you do not cancel the requested inspection then You agree -
     a) You have read and  understand the contents of the agreements
     b) We will carry out the inspection on the basis of these agreements
     c) We can rely on these agreements and our fee for service quoted will be charged

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. 

Your Building Inspection - "ybi"

Client Agreement Consent Forms


Building Inspection Agreement Building Inspection Agreement (174 KB)

Pest Inspection Agreement Pest Inspection Agreement (102 KB)

Client Consent Form Client Consent Form (51 KB)

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