What to expect from your inspector

From the 16th November 2009 the NSW Government abolished the Building Consultancy licence that had previously been regulated by the NSW Office of Fair Trading under the Home Building Act 1989. This decision has now sparked caution within the building inspection market. It is now more important than ever the choose your Building Consultant / Inspector wisely.

As a service provider recipient the client should expect friendly, prompt and professional customer focused service. The client should question the Inspectors experience, affiliation with professional bodies, professional indemnity, public liability insurance and previous claim status.

Purchasing a property is usually the highest value financial transaction most people ever engage in and when you consider that the services of a professional building inspector generally costs between $400 - $500 the outlay is minimal. Aside from the objectivity of an independent inspector they are able to access areas of the property not normally access. A building inspection report is not a pest report and it is recommended that a separate pest inspection is done. The building and pest reports should identify any visual damage that may have been caused by termites however the building report will not include the existence of pests. We recommend that separate building and pest inspections are carried out on properties. This allows two separate reports focused and informing on two main deciding factors when considering a property.

The pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection report is a written account of the visual condition of the property at the time of inspection. There are a couple of advantages whether a buyer or seller at this stage. Vendors can be aware of any issues prior to sale and decide whether to take action and maximise their sale price. Purchasers can make an informed decision, be aware of any repairs, maintenance or significant issues and either negotiate the sale price or begin to budget for the respective items.

A standard building and / or pest inspection report is non-destructive, non-invasive, performed and prepared within the Australian Standard: Building report - (AS4349.1-2007) Inspection of Buildings Part 1: Pre-Purchase Inspections - Residential Buildings - Appendix C and Pest reports - (AS4349.3) Inspections of Buildings Part 3: Timber Pest Inspection and also within Workcover safety restrictions and guidelines. The inspection should encompass the property within 30 metres of the building and include the following:

  • Interior and exterior of the building
  • Roof space and roof exterior
  • Under the sub-floor space
  • Garage, carport and garden shed
  • Separate laundry or toilet
  • Retaining walls over 700mm high
  • Steps
  • Fencing
  • Surface water drainage
  • Stormwater run off
  • Paths and driveways

Now, the important question to ask yourself is can you afford not to get an inspection. Property is usually the biggest investment anyone ever makes. A building and / or pest inspection report performed by a professionally experienced Inspector enables people to make informed property decisions with peace of mind. I trust this article has provided you with some valuable information. Please be aware and choose your Inspector with care. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our office on 1300 766 650.

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